Friday, 4 July 2008

Recharging the batteries

After Torbay I put my feet up for a few days to make sure I was fully recovered. Its as much a mental as physical thing. Just switch off from running, focus on other stuff that needs attention and then come back recharged. It doesn't take long and is probably the most underestimtated component of most training programs !

This week i've eased back into things and I'm really looking forward to heading for the swiss alps next week to put in a block of aerobic work at altitude before moving into more specific marathon pace work in august. More on my marathon plans and training as I get nearer the race. Can't wait !

On the other side of the world the US Olympic Trials are in full swing. It was great to see my old friend Gabe Jennings win his 1500m heat last night and fingers crossed he can repeat his 2000 performance when he ran away with the final to get to Sydney. The US trials are such compelling viewing because of the winner takes all rules. First 3 in the final with qualifying time are on the plane. No if, buts or selectors opinions. Black and white. And that makes box office.

Here there have been plenty of encouraging performances from our athletes in the run up to our trials though the big news seems to be off the track yet again with Dwain Chambers going to court to try and overturn the BOA ban on convicted drug cheats representing GB & NI at the Olympics. I have little sympathy. He knew the rules and chose to cheat so he must live with the consequences of his decisions.

Now, where's my passport and SPF25 ?

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