Sunday, 20 July 2008

Full moons and She Devils

After a monster 11 days here in St Moritz today was a rest day from running and time for a trip on the narrow gauge railway up towards the Bernina Pass. Hopping off at Bernina Diavolezza I took the cable car up to the top of Diavolezza for lunch and some spectactular views before the cloud closed in. At more than 3000m even the post lunch stroll along the ridge (not the one in the photo !) was hard work and makes me realise just how awesome the Ethiopian training sessions are from Addis up to the top of Entoto which reaches a similar altitude.

Friday night was a full moon which is nothing to get excited about apart from the fact that this one was supposed to be the 'fullest, most spiritual of the year' so there were plenty of events around town from late night moon walks to open air cinema. In St Moritz itself there was a street party with barbeques, beer tents, music and the usual stalls you would expect to see. A few athletes were out enjoying the festivities and I spotted Craig Mottram sneaking off with a foil tray loaded with stuff from the barbie, though no evidence of any tinnies I should report.

Monday its back down to business with another hard week before a day at the Swiss Alpine Races in Davos which should be fun, even if most of it seems to be uphill :-(

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