Sunday, 13 July 2008

Go Dean, Go

UPDATE sunday 8pm: It looks like Dean has missed out on Beijing scoring 7,491 points.

Full results will appear on Hexham Meeting and EAP

While the attention at the Olympic Trials is yet again on the Chambers soap opera, Dean Macey is still in one piece and getting the job done at the Hexham Combined Events meet with 4,176 points at the end of day 1. Fingers crossed for decent weather on day 2. Go Dean !!

Decathlon - day 1 results

1st Darius Draudvila LTU 4,326pts

2nd Dean Macey GBR 4,176pts

3rd Dan Awde GBR 3,933pts


Duane Coyle said...


Thanks for posting some of the Hexham Meeting's decathlon results from Saturday. Is there anyplace to go to get real time results from Sunday?

Duane Coyle
Wichita, Kansas

Adrian Marriott said...

Duane, I've put a link up to two places where the full results should appear. Don't know of anywhere with real time results i'm afraid.


ps nice to have a reader in Kansas !

Fat Eric said...

How many points did Daniel Awde finish with? I used to teach him and his brother at primary school...claim to fame!

Adrian Marriott said...

Apparently Dan was a dnf after 6 or 7 events. He has the B standard from Gotzis I think so will probably get selected.