Wednesday, 19 January 2011

UK Marathon selection policy for London 2012

UKA (the governing body for athletics in UK) has published its initial approach to selecting the marathon team for the 2012 Olympics.

What jumps out is the absence of a trial race and an intention to select athletes before the end of 2011 if they are considered a top 8 shot and in possession of an A standard. Top up selections will take place after the 2012 London Marathon.

The 'A' and 'B' standards for men are 2:12:00 and 2:16:00 and for women are 2:31:00 and 2:35:00.

Yet again UKA has gone for tougher standards than the IAAF use and while it would be great to half a dozen lads running 2.10 we don't so I would think that there is a strong possibility of having less than a full mens team on the start line which is disappointing.

Interestingly a top 20 finish in Daegu counts as an 'A' standard so could be the best hope of getting an A standard (especially for the men). So a viable strategy may be sub 2.17 in London 2011, Top 20 in Daegu and then hope that only 2 others do the time. A bit perverse but there you go.

And for all the A and/or B standard questioners if athletes with an A standard are selected (up to 3 of them) then the B standard becomes redundant.

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BrynRunning said...


I understand the A and B policy set out by UKA but it makes absolutely no sense to me.

The IAAF regularly set A and B standards as they have two aims - a high level of competition and a high level of participation from many countries. So a lower B standard so each country should have 1 participant makes sense for participation whilst the quality isn't diluted by only being able to send more if they have the A standard.

From UKA it just doesn't make sense. Their usual justification of setting higher standards is that they don't feel it's worthwhile sending someone to just make up the numbers.

Either 2:16 isn't worthwhile to send and they should just have the A standard or it is worthwhile sending a 2:16 runner and they should send all 3.

Just seems like a fobbing off measure because there's no logic behind it from UKA perspective that I see.

Unfortunately there is clearly a huge attitude difference between the athletics community and the powers that be. The powers that be just seem to have very different goals which aren't focused on the athletes (bar a few) at all. I'm not sure anything can be done about that.