Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Pre-london half marathon comes to Yeovil in March

The first Yeovil Half Marathon will take place on Sunday 27th March 2011. Starting and finishing at the Yeovil Town Football Club the course will take in the town centre, ninesprings country park and the village of Odcombe (below).

With the Bath Half Marathon sold out and other pre-London or Brighton options thin on the ground unless you want to travel to Wilmslow, Hastings or Fleet this should prove a popular fixture on the calendar and entries are already flooding in.

Placed 3 weeks before London this is the perfect weekend for a final hard workout before starting to taper. And if the marathon is a step to far for you in 2011 then a half could be a great target to aim for.

From a personal point of view I've run these roads thousands of times over the years and know them well. The layout will be sure to keep runners interested and there are some good spectating spots so bring some supporters along !

Online Entries HERE


tolpuddlemartyr said...

Why such an early start? effectively 8am with the clocks going foreward. A very eraly strat for people like me with an hours journey by car to the satrt.

Adrian Marriott said...

Hi Tolpuddle, the early start is due to the fact that the course goes through the town centre and has some main roads in it so traffic management is an issue. The clocks going forward is not ideal as you say. A number of dates were looked at but they clashed with other events so on balance this was the best option available.