Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Back in training

It is now seven weeks since I ran 2.18 in the Toronto Watefront Marathon and it has been a slow return to training. Unlike previous marathons where my legs have taken weeks to recover this time they bounced back quickly. Just 2 weeks after STWM I was racing a 6km stage for my club, Wells City Harriers, in the National Road Relays.

This time it has been the mind that has taken the time. The marathon is such an intense experience. The preparation period and race itself require total focus for several months if you are to produce a great result. Not surprisingly, after the high comes a low. Previously I made the mistake of rushing back into training before feeling fully motivated again. This time I learned from my mistakes and took it easy for a few weeks, catching up with friends and enjoying myself. Now that I am fired up again training can start in earnest with a few weeks of steady running before heading to Kenya over New Year for some hard work at altitude.

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