Monday, 13 May 2013

Langport Miles

This week Langport Runners (left) in Somerset are hosting a festival of Mile running to inspire and engage local kids and adults. There is a full program, starting on Monday with the club's junior section running their Mile races on the grass track at Huish Episcopi school in Langport.

Then on Tuesday afternoon it is the turn of the school itself to have a go before on Wednesday at 18.30 there is an open event for adults from local running clubs and the community. I've been persuaded to dust off my spikes and get my middle distance head on to try and set some sort of a track record though i'm not sure that the school kids won't go faster than i'm capable of these days !

As well as a full out Mile races there will be an opportunity to run a Mile as part of a relay team or in a Parlauf. So it should be a fun series of events. If you want to come along and run or just watch and help out then more details are on the event Facebook page.

15.05.13 Hot off the press from organiser Dave German...
A very wet afternoon for the Academy to get their runners out but they managed one mile and Staff joined in as well. They had also invited Hambridge Primary along and they came with four teams and ran with great enthusiasm.When I get the results and times I'll collate them all and send them on.The Huish Biathlon was also taking place at the same time and I saw
Holly,Will and Dom all doing their run in the rain and wind. Great to see it all going on. So now just praying for a dry evening tomorrow for the last Mile events with Adrian Marriott to set the pace. A team of 5 Juniors achieved 4 min35sec last night so we have to beat that? Weather forcast is for sunshine!

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David said...

Some of the race times. Thanks Aidrian for your support!
Adrian Marriott
Wells City & Running Network
4 min 48 secs
Richard Clifton
Chard Road Runners
5 min 27 secs
Gary Strandinger
Huish Academy Staff
5 mi 36 secs
Neal Stayner
5 min 43 secs
Owen Astington
5 min 44 secs
Roger Eavis
5 min 48 secs
Shaun Howells
5 min 48 secs
Steve Brown
6 min 27 secs
Tony Forster
6 min 34 sec
Martin Hooper
6 min 41 secs
Diane Stewart
6 min 44 secs
Graham Turner
6 min 46 secs
Nicky Charascina
6 min 50 secs
Julian Cosser
6 min 54 sec