Thursday, 5 January 2012

Nos Galan 5k 2011

This year I finally got to race at Nos Galan, one of those 'must do' events that has been on my list for ages. Regular readers will know that i'm a big fan of town centre multi-lap road races so this was my kind of race - 3 laps of the village including a couple of tight turns and a short climb.

With good size crowds around the start finish area and Tim Hutchings calling the race the atmosphere built through the kids races early in the evening before a great little fireworks display signalled the start of the elite race. Its a narrow start so there was a bit of a charge despite the wet road and a lead group of about 9 quickly got away. One of the benefits of these lap courses is you can see the race unfold even if you arent in the lead group. There was a second group of half a dozen runners then a few stregglers including myself just unable to get on the back of the groups.

The first lap I was struggling for pace but gradually got better and was particularly pleased with how I was going up the hill, picking up a couple of places on each of the last 2 laps as I worked my way up to 14th place by the end. Considering I had a 25km marathon pace run in my legs from wednesday 15:15 was a good performance and didnt leave me too breathless.

After the elites had done their stuff the mass run took to the course and 600 plus runners threaded their way through the streets to round off the evening. A brisk jog back to the park and ride served as a warm down before we hot footed it down the dual carriageway to Cardiff for a night out in the Welsh capital.

A terrific event, well worth fitting in to your schedule one year.

Full Results

Pos No Time Forename Surname M/F Cat Club
1 37 00:14:40 Richard Peters M
Bristol & West AC
2 49 00:14:42 Steve Davies M
Belgrave Harriers
3 174 00:14:44 Chris Gowell M
Swansea Harriers
4 121 00:14:45 Adam Bitchell M
Cardiff AAC
5 123 00:14:49 Carwyn Jones M
Cardiff AAC
6 140 00:14:51 Rob Bugden M
Bristol & West AC
7 93 00:14:52 Michael Johnson M
Bristol & West AC
8 120 00:14:56 James Thie M
Cardiff AAC
9 122 00:14:57 Phil Matthews M
Swansea Harriers
10 196 00:15:09 Richard Gardiner M
Aberdare Valley AAC
11 165 00:15:09 Chris Busaileh M
Herne Hill Harriers
12 130 00:15:11 Dave Norman M
Altringham AC
13 129 00:15:13 Ben Riddell M
Salford Harriers
14 172 00:15:15 Adrian Marriott M
Wells City
15 178 00:15:18 Sam Mitchell M

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