Friday, 29 July 2011

Etape Bornholm Stage 5 results

Hot off the press from tonights final 10k stage as we make our way home.

Ben saved his best until last pulling an awesome finnish to surprise everyone. Having been dropped in the woods at 6km as Martin hit the front and pushed the pace, Ben rose to the challenge with a big move late in the day. Sniffing the consolation prize he threw everything into the final minutes to catch Jussi on the line.

Martin kept up his record of 4th places with another near miss for a stage podium and i had another good race. On a night after truly awful weather the course was waterlogged in places and a stiff wind made for tricky running. While most folks were a minute down on their stage 1 runs i was just over 10 seconds and secure in 10th overall (left Top10 from left Jussi, David Nilsson, Ben & Martin).

Stage Results|1|M

Final Overall Results|1|M

With a 4am start to the long trip home the boys took the opportunity for a cheeky nap on the ferry after a big breakfast (below)

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Martin Williams said...

Hi Adrian,

Hope you didnt get back too late and caught your plane on time as I saw you and Ben sprinting through the terminal with 20mins to go before your plane was due to depart!

Absolutely shattered last night and had a great nights sleep. Went out for my 2 hours easy run this morning and covered just over 20 miles in the run. I reckon all those days of running around 5 min/miles just make feel anything slower feel easy!...How are your legs now?

Thanks for being great company and putting up with a screaming, dribbling baby ... but thats just Kates normal behaviour!

Keep injury free and hopefully see you at races soon.