Monday, 14 March 2011

Gwent League triumph for Wells

After two successive promotions we managed to hold on to top spot in the Gwent League yesterday at Swansea despite a fierce challenge from Les Croupiers.

Singleton Park hosted the final race in the 2010/11 Gwent League on a glorious spring day. For once the senior men got to run earlier in the day (to allow more time to sort out the results), not that the course was going to cut up after the recent dry spell.

Going into the final race we had a 70 point lead which was substantial but by no means unbeatable. And in the first mile Les Croupiers threw down the gaunlet with all six scorers in front of me and my Wells team mates. As the race unfolded we were able to move through the field and eventually I came home 7th with Jon James right behind me in 8th. Some good packing left us in a good position but Les Croupiers closed their 6 before we did so it was a quick dash back down the final hill to look for our final scorer and offer some encouragement. After a nail biting 30 seconds or so Nick, Rob and Alex were sprinting it out to close out team and seal the Division 1 title.

I can't say I particularly enjoyed my race. The engine is strong but lack of leg speed and race rustiness is holding me back big time. Hopefully with warmer days I can get some speed back in the system and start to race a bit more. At least my body was moving well and this morning there are no aches or pains - and its a long time since I've been able to say that !!

Results to follow


Mick McGeoch said...

Well done Adrian and all the Wells and Yeovil lads on a well-deserved title. However - it's only out on loan - so we look forward to another great battle with you next season.
By the way - have you ever considered the Welsh Castles Relay?
Entries are closed for 2011 - but please check out our website - you'd love it!

Adrian Marriott said...

Hi Mick, thanks for your kind words. Its been a great battle this year and looking forward to it again next year.

We've discussed entering Welsh Castles before but never quite had the critical mass of enthusiasm for it - i've got plenty for friends who love it so perhaps next year !

Keep well