Monday, 11 August 2008

Marathon Training w/e 10th August

This autumn will be my 6th marathon build up and each time i've had to change things a bit to keep challenging my body to adapt. Last time out I put in a 27km continuous tempo run. For this one I've already gone a bit longer on my long runs so far (2hr 45mins) and run a bigger volume during July. Next I will be throwing in some faster segements on my long runs to get used to running at race pace on tired legs. Should be fun!

I found this week a bit of struggle. Coming down from the mountains it has felt really humid all week and the legs have just been a bit sluggish, that said there was plenty of speed when required so its just a question of re-adjusting to sea level. So the details:

Mon 90mins undulating with the last 30 steady
Tue 45mins easy + 9x2mins fast with 75 secs jog
Wed day off and a visit to the physio to make sure everything was moving properly
Thr 50 easy mins incl 7x200m fast + 45mins very easy
Fri first structured MP run: 8x2km + 35mins regeneration
Sat 65mins moderate + 45mins easy
Sun 65mins with the last 30 steady + 45mins very easy and 7x80m uphill max sprints

This works out at about 160km for the week and after the training in St Moritz actually felt quite easy. I doubt I will still be saying that in 5 weeks time though.

For those of you wondering what pace easy, moderate etc is it goes something like this:
Regeneration = 5min/km
Very Easy = 4.30
Easy = 4.00
Mod = 3.45
Steady = 3.30
MP = 3:15
AT = 3:05
Fast = sub 2.55

And as a general rule I start a bit slower and build up to the required effort and if in doubt run slower rather than faster.

The Letsrun 'Fall Marathon Training' thread is here


David said...

great blog! glad I stumbled across

Ben Moreau said...

Hi Adrian - are you doing Amsterdam then? I am - looking for sub 2.20. Would be interested if you could look at stuff I'm doing and see if there was anything missing in particular?

Ben Moreau

Adrian Marriott said...

Hi Ben,

Fond memories of Amsterdam, debuted there in '03. Great course and organisation. I'm racing end of sept, nothing confirmed yet but hopefully soon !

Happy to have a chat about training. My first one was a real shock to the system as I was a lowish mileage 5k runner moving up to 42k. Best move I ever made though coz now I train properly and it feeds through even to the short races - thought I was going to have you at Watford for a while but you did me good and proper on the last lap !

Drop me an email to as I dont have your contact details.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adrian,

Good blog. Have only just stumbled across it (linked from eightlane) and can't work out how to get back to look at previous entries...

Also - you mention that you have beenup at St Moritz - do you take time off work for such trips or are you self employed / what do you do?


Anonymous said...

Screw that -I see that I just needed to go the homepage and scroll down!
Silly me!

Adrian Marriott said...

Gav, time away always causes tension between HR who think its great and the Finance department who think it is self indulgent luxury. Its really fun to watch and then I go anyway.