Sunday, 15 June 2008

29:47.77 for 11th place at the UK Championships

Well i'm still buzzing after last nights race as part of the excellent BMC Elite Meeting at Watford.

These are the occasions that us athletes spend thousands of miles preparing to be a part of. The strong domestic field lined up for the UK Championships and Olympic Trials is not the easiest place to run a first track 10,000m for a decade but I really enjoyed it and ran a personal best into the bargain which bodes well for my next marathon this autumn.

The early pace was a bit fast for my liking as I got dragged through 2km in 5.50 before things settled down as the field broke into three groups with me tucked in the middle of the third of those. By 3km (8.48) myself and Fredrik Urhbon from Sweden were at the front of the group and alternating the lead to reel in the second group in front of us which we managed just after halfway (14.46).

From that point it was taking all my effort to stay on the back of the group and just after 7k it started to get really ugly and I had a couple of bad laps and got dropped off the back of the group. Fortunately the marathon mindset meant that I was able to focus on 2 miles to go as the 'last rep' in a typical marathon training session and keep it together - in days gone by I would have fallen apart at this point. With the last km back under 3 mins again it was a satisfying finish in 16th place overall and 11th of the brits.

Up front Antony Ford reversed last year's result to take the win from Phil Nicholls who was involved in a tangle of legs with Somalia's Moumin Geele early on and never really recovered. Its not the first time Moumin has gone down, I remember him hitting the floor hard in the Cabbage Patch 10 a couple of years back and taking a few runners with him after he clipped a kerb. James Walsh added a bronze to his recent Inter Counties 5000m win.

While 11 athletes under 30 minutes (8 personal bests) will hardly strike fear into the heart of the Rift Valley this was one of the best strength in depth 10,000m races in the UK for some years and even compares favourably to the last UK Championship race I ran in 1998. And with the likes of Matt Ashton and John Beattie running well in america hopefully something to build on for next year.

Some reflections on the training I did to peak for this race and the mindset I brought into it will follow in a few days when i've got some time to write it up.


1 28:30.39 Antony Ford Blackpool Wyre & Fylde
2 28:54.95 Phil Nicholls Tipton
3 29:19.42 James Walsh Leeds City
11 29:47.77 Adrian Marriott Wells City Harriers

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