Thursday, 10 April 2008

Remember the Vaseline

3 days to go and a couple of final tips to make London as enjoyable as 26 miles of hard labour can be.

The forecast looks good. Nice temperature, light breeze and there are going to be showers about. So keeping dry before the start is essential. An old t-shirt to keep warm and a bin liner with holes in the top and sides for head and arms is a good standby. Who cares what it looks like if it works !

On a cool damp day you can be fooled into not drinking enough. You still need your fluids so start drinking early in the race. Sips of water from 3 miles onwards.

And finally a pot of Vaseline to grease up before the race. Only on your feet if you have done this training. But definitely groin, nipples, armpits and anything else thats going to rub.

I'll be watching on TV and internet and hoping that all my friends have a good run.


Anonymous said...

Have a good run on Sunday.
Will be watching at the half marathon point with my son - we'll cheer you on.
Alex Davidson (Highgate H).

Adrian Marriott said...

Hi Alex, Good to hear from you. I wasnt running yesterday, withdrew a few weeks back